Y is for…


things I think are yuck: cheese. early mornings. tinned tuna. smelly people. smelly anything. (unless it’s a pretty smell). sick. 5 day weeks. school dinners. bananas. cauliflower. blowing noses. dog poo (ok all poo, but as a teacher of young things I still thing dog poo is the yuckiest!). the gross dead people bits on bones, csi etc. bins and bin-smells. croquetas. surprise maggots in fruit.

what is yuck for you? (no-one is allowed to say chocolate or mushrooms, because they are ace!)

And that brings us to Z which is for Zzzzzzz – what I intend to do all month next month. Starting now!

Well, ok, starting soon. But, a last moment to thank all the new people I’ve met through this challenge, or through extension of this challenge – I’ve found so many new blogs I love and it’s so nice to have visitors to agree with my hatred of bras, love of dresses and so on:) Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment – I really hope you’ll stick around post-Z!

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