Sorry, strawberries, summer fairs, sewing machines, sunshine, swimwear and spas!

And if nothing else, that long title for a post should serve as my reminder not to leave it so long next time! sorry to those of you who do pop in and say hi, and doubly sorry that I haven’t been around to pop in and say hi to all of you. I will be catching up soon I promise. And if it takes me a while to comment again, know that I am reading, just swamped in school work and a desperation to end term!

So, the past two weeks have been birthday filled mostly, I am going to speed through as much as possible (otherwise we’ll be here for the next four weeks!)

20th May: something you can’t live without. My eyeliner and mascara. (Ok, I know I could, but I’d hate it and I can’t leave the house without it.)

21st May: caña after work and spotting the 66, reminding me of my friend (Long story. No space. Another day…) who went back to England earlier this year.

22nd May: Pink! Ok, as thepinkrachael – this one was easy! Fave pink bag, shoes and the belt is not in the picture, but is often with them. I love these!

23rd May: Cesar’s 30th! Presents, card, homemade burger – a chilled out pre-celebration at home!

24th May: Strawberry Cheesecake that I made for Cesar’s birthday. My two best friends here in Madrid kindly lent me their kitchen, and Jim very patiently helped me to buy the ingredients and make the cake (I don’t like cheese or cheesecake, so it was very helpful to have someone there who knew what it was meant to be like and how to do it!)

25th May: appears to be lost. Cesar’s brother arrived and we went for tasty noodles in the centre.

26th May: Summer Fair time. Any teacher or parent should already know what this means. However, here, it also means a day sat in the sun (as opposed to England where it would undoubtedly rain and be hurried into the tiny school hall) drinking beer (as opposed to England where we would be frowned at at best if we tried this, and given crap free tea or soft drinks) and giggling uncontrollably at the Lower School Choir singing “we want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” completely out of time and tune with each other! Priceless!

27th May: Yummy Kobe burgers at, where the service was also great (I love going out to eat, or shopping, or anywhere and getting good service – it really makes me happy!) – the girl was so friendly! Then a mad rush to get Cesar’s brother to the train station before stopping off to buy new books (new, overpriced, secondhand books – see my grumble here )I picked up: Never Let Me Go, The Blood of Flowers, and These Is My Words. Always glad of any recommendations you may have too😉

Monday May 28th: the weather today – blue skies and sun.

May 29th: ‘a number’: the scales are still up and down, although they seem to be going down more often than up. (Not including this weekend). And a run I actually chose to do. What is happening to me?!

May 30th: hot, tired, sticky and grumpy. And that was just me, don’t get me started on my hot, tired, sticky, grumpy class full of kids!

May 31st: what a successful day! The kids and I were in much better moods. And despite the 35 degree heat, I stuck to my guns and headed straight to the shops to go…dum, dum, duuuuuh: bikini shopping after work. What a loathsome and much-feared task. It will in time get it’s own post, but suffice today all was not lost and I got 2. (In the meantime, this post on the joys of bra shopping gets close to what I mean!) I got home and put together a whole bookshelf. All by myself. Then I cleaned and tidied the flat before we went away to make it nice and clean when we got home (which it was for all of 5 mins!)

May 1st – May 3rd: Cesar’s birthday present was a weekend away at a spa hotel. It was only an hour away, but the whole point was to stay at the hotel and RELAX so it didn’t matter where it was. Well, we got off the train, started walking round the corner (literally a 5 min walk from the station) and got caught in a massive thunderstorm – soaked! My dress was clinging to my legs and my flip-flops were flopping off, so I looked like a very bedraggled penguin shuffle-running up to the hotel. They were so lovely and came out with umbrellas, fairly useless by the time they arrived but it was a lovely thought!

We were staying here at Hotel La Salve (I know none of you are in Madrid, and most of you aren’t even in Spain or Europe, but just in case – it is SO worth a visit if you ever are! The staff were so friendly (more good service making me smile) and helpful, the room and garden/pool just made us feel a million miles away from work and the city and everything (as many of you know, I am not a country lover – this hotel was perfect for me, it gave me the illusion of the country whilst being safe in the knowledge that I was ten minutes away from a train station and an hour away from my beloved Madrid!), the spa was clean and calm and beautifully decorated, the food was delicious (and the breakfast enormous!) – to put it more succinctly, this was the most relaxing weekend we have had for a long time and we can’t wait to go back!

And now I’m at home, catching up on my mini cards, trying to ignore what the scales say after so much delicious food, watching films, celebrating that our pool is now open and I can enjoy it after work this week and trying very hard not to think about said work this week!

How are you all? Anyone else been anywhere fun recently? Or had the pleasures of bikini shopping, School Summer Fair trips or hot and grumpy children?!


11 thoughts on “Sorry, strawberries, summer fairs, sewing machines, sunshine, swimwear and spas!

    • I love seeing them, I’m excited to have a whole year’s worth – I’ve found it a really manageable way of doing something journally everyday, as well as motivation to keep me taking pics! Thanks Caatje.

  1. I am so with you on the eyeliner & mascara. Kudos on baking a cheesecake! I love cheesecake. LOVE. IT. I’m so sorry you don’t (more for me!!!) Happy Birthday to Cesar! Summer Fair sounds beautiful. We have the weather for it here, but in the Bible Belt alcohol of any variety is the devil (I seriously have to drive across county lines to buy beer). It’s sort of like living in the Twilight Zone. So I think Summer Fair is making me kind of jealous!! Bathing suit shopping is a nightmare; if you found two you’re doing better than most!!! Glad your spa weekend was awesome, all thunderstorms aside. Good service really makes an impression. Hope you have a great week!

    • wow, I can’t imagine living more than ten mintues from a bar (I know that makes me sound awful, but I blame Britain!!) I am definitely more of a chocolate brownie(or cake, pr pudding, or…) girl than cheesecake. I think karma was at work after my selfless cheesecake making – Saturday’s meal at the hotel saw the gooiest, richest, hugest chocolate pudding I have ever had! MMMMMMMM!

  2. Bikini shopping is, thankfully, something I no longer even think about. Once I had kids, bikinis weren’t even a consideration – I kept telling myself I didn’t want to embarrass the kids, but the truth is it was myself I didn’t want to embarrass!

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  4. Madrid…wow…someday I hope. Where exactly do you live?
    School is insane here too…and birthday and anniversary! 3 more days until schoolis out!

  5. Just saw your reply on my post…I can’t find an eamil address on your blog so I hope you see this…feel free to send a postcard or card to Ashton…his b-day is not until the 22nd…and I am sure it will be a birthday week for him:)

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