Things I ate Thursday and Fit Friday all at once

So, I totally ran out of time for What I ate Wednesday this week. (Besides which, it wasn’t very exciting – peanut butter toast, sardines and salad on yet more toast, bacon and vegetable pasta (actually this was really yummy, but not exactly inspiring or wondrous). And it’s so late on thursday that I’m going to kill two birds with one stone and do a fit Friday/WIAW type thursday.

So today, let’s skip the breakfast (because I’m just not as adventurous as the lovely Meenakshi) which was peanut butter toast with coffee as it always is.

Lunch was a yummy honey mustard chicken salad.

I know it looks a bit pathetic to share the chicken out first rather than mixing it in which is way tastier. But Cesar eats like a horse and would happily finish it all without realising while I was still on mouthful number one (especially today after ANOTHER trip to the dentist!). I find this allows me to eat some too.

Tried and tested it may be, but that doesn’t make it any less yummy. And there’s nothing wrong with tried and tested, as dinner will prove..

Dinner was a disaster which left me disappointed. It reminded me why I rarely try new recipes. It’s that Monica-from-Friends part of me that hates to be wrong. I hate it when things don’t work. It puts me in a bad mood. I know it shouldn’t, but it just does. However, I came across a Nigel Slater recipe (I don’t have a link, since this was a good old fashioned hard copy in a magazine, but I’m sure if you google, you’ll find it) for Beans with tomato, coconut milk and coriander. The picture looked so tasty and I had half a jar of beans going to waste in the fridge. So I rolled up my sleeves (metaphorically of course, it’s way too hot for sleeves) and decided to venture out of my cooking comfort zone and give it a go.

This was a bad idea to begin with because the supermarkets here are hardly worthy of the name. They stock nothing, so expecting to find all the yummy spices I needed was laughable. I could probably get them if I ventured to one of the bigger stores or hunted out a more specialised food store, but that requires effort that a hot, sticky afternoon where all you want is to get rid of half a jar of beans just doesn’t have. So I crossed my fingers and hoped the spices I did have from the recipe would cover me. They came close, but not quite close enough.

The next pitfall was that the recipe asks for water. So I added some, against my best judgement having looked in the pot. I hate to say I told you so, but, well…I was right. It ended up way too thin and then I had to bugger about with it to sort that out. Which didn’t help matters. I chucked in a bit of spinach and ate it anyway. It was fine and nowhere near as awful as I was expecting). But there’s a ton of improvements to be done if when I make it again (in Autumn when it’s cooler out).

I also had a slice of water melon, a cheeky beer at the bar downstairs and a large glass of wine to help me through the dinner disaster! Which brings me to what yesterday’s post was originally going to be about before my computer gave up…

Yes. He is hair-dryer-ing my computer. Don’t mock it though. It worked. It had more fluffy dusty stuff inside than computer bits I think. Oops.

Snacks. Originally my What I Ate Wednesday was going to be a When I Eat Wednesday, because this seems to be my downfall at the moment. Breakfast is all good. Mornings, I tend not to snack and if I do, I’m happy with a slice of melon or a special K bar. Lunch is usually pretty healthy, and the afternoons where I’m not tempted down to sit in the sun with a beer or an ice cream are pretty healthy snack-wise too. Dinner itself is usually pretty healthy.

BUT…it’s the pre and post dinner snacks that are killing my best efforts.  I graze away before dinner and then after dinner, well it would be rude not to have a chunk of chocolate or a biscuit, or *insert snack of chice here* with the rest of my wine wouldn’t it. not to mention the wine itself!

How do I stop this snacking? Or any good tips for replacement snacks? At this point in the day I absolutely and completely utterly do not want fruit. Fruit in my head is a daytime food. And I eat a tonne of veg with my meals, so I really don’t want to sit and nibble carrot sticks and celery either. But I have to stop killing what would otherwise be a fairly low calorie, healthy day with snacks. Aaaaaah! and I can only imagine the back to school induced snacking soon to come…

On the plus fit Friday side of things…my gym is open again!! YAY!! I was there by 10 a.m. this morning. It feels good that I missed it and got right back there. Now to keep it up!
in celebration, I give you…

Ok this has nothing to do with the gym, but I love it and after the gym today I just kept thinking of the first line “shake your butt!”

6 thoughts on “Things I ate Thursday and Fit Friday all at once

  1. I am THE WORST snacker come time to make our evening meal. It’s bad bad bad. And we all know how much I love my dessert. So then I exercise more. But because of the snacks that are not carrots, all the dinner taste-testing and the love of dessert, I just stay the same. Except with more muscles. I will say that the freaky exercise regime has toned my legs and given me arm muscles in a feminine way, despite my brownie obsession. P.S. I freaking love the Pixies. And whenever I hear Where is My Mind I have to stop whatever I’m doing.

    • There’s home for this snack-a-holic yet then! hurrah! And Yay to the Pixies – Where is my Mind – classic! I remember going on a ‘date’ (I think this was my one of the only 2 proper dates I have ever been on, so I’m still hesitant to call it one, but it was. I think) anyway, we’d been for a couple of drinks and headed off elsewhere. We must have been there for all of 5 minutes when this poor guy who’d met me all of a couple of hours earlier was faced with me jumping up and down like a 5 year old for sweets – “It’s the Pixies! Nowhere plays the Pixies! I can’t believe it’s the Pixies!” Slight over-reaction, but it was true – nowhere EVER EVER played them, it was an exciting moment!!

  2. Mmm peanut butter is yum. I may have to start having that again. That chicken salad looks good. I may have to borrow that. I hate it when a new recipe doens’t go to plan. I get very childish and throw a big strop when that happens. And usually stalk off to the Chinese take away! If you can find some healthy, fruit free snacks let me know. I seem to have turned into the snack queen. I’ve put on 2 stone in 3 years:/

    • Glad to see it’s not just me getting stroppy when recipes don’t work out! My plan for back-at-work snacks is to have a stash of sultanas and some options hot choc in my cupboard – probably a little bit better than the biscuits/chocolates/sweets that are usually in there. Sure that once i’m back though I’ll be filling it with proper sugary snackage again – needs must!

      • The sultanas are a good idea. I don’t like drinking chocolate though as I’d rather have the real thing! But that leads to more caolries. *sigh* If/when my boyfriend gets a job I may have to bite the bullet and start swimming again. Don’t think I can face the gym as I really didn’t enjoy it last time. But maybe that was because I went with a friend who always slacked off!!

      • I’d much rather have real hot choc too, but low cal chocolate flavoured water is my attempt to trick my brain and save my thighs! I think the gym can be hit or miss depending on the place too – when I was in England, I went to look around a few before I chose the one I ended up at and the first couple I went to WERE NOT for me, but the third was great – mixture of sizes/shapes, really helpful trainer people, small but not teeny and it had a pool – I went all the time! Luckily the gym here is great too. Now, I only swim in the Sumer, but I used to go to the local one in England – much preferred the gym, no leaving in the cold, dark rain with wet hair and slightly damp everywhere else because of my rush to get out of those changing rooms!

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